Oxford Reeds is dedicated to providing excellent oboe and English horn reeds and reed making supplies to musicians of all ages and experience.

If you are a beginning oboist you may have become frustrated with machine made, mass produced reeds that are holding you back. We offer you quality hand made reeds that will allow you to play the way you really want to play, with beautiful tone and stable intonation.

If you are a more advanced student, Oxford Reeds offers you access to reeds that will accomodate your need for more subtlety and color in your oboe playing. You know by now that you are only as good as your reed, so why not have the best?

Perhaps you are a "doubler" who requires a professional sound from a reliable reed that is there when you need it. Oxford Reeds understands and is there to provide reeds to meet your exact requirements.

Teachers: Do you have too many students in your studio to possibly make fine quality reeds for each of them? Would you rather use your time to make reeds for yourself if you knew you had a reliable source for excellent quality reeds for your students? Oxford Reeds is ready to help!